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Advanced Needling Techniques DVD

This is the first DVD produced in the USA to cover Advanced Acupuncture techniques and practical application in depth with demonstrations.

This 38 minute DVD teaches you about needling techniques commonly used in China. Use this training to increase the impact of your needling and achieve quicker, more powerful results with your patients.

Topics included with this program:

• Various needle insertion methods

• How to promote Qi with the needle

• Tonifying and reducing techniques

• Advanced, complex and combination techniques

• Why and when to use each technique

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Reviews of this DVD:

In this totally practical and immediately useful DVD, Dr. Wei Liu provides a means for restoring intention (Li) to the practice of needling which focuses on the feedback loop created between the acupuncturist and the patient. In this loop, the achievement of DeQi revolves around tonifying and reducing techniques stressed in the Ling Shu but often ignored in western practice as many practititoners opt for neutral stimulation.

There is nothing neutral in Dr. Liu’s masterful manipulation techniques. It is my hope that this DVD will spark a revival of interest in the science and the discipline of focused needling technique as a central factor in effective acupuncture treatment, both in the training of students and in their lifelong relationship with needles and fire.

Mark Seem, Ph.D., L.Ac.,

President, Tri-State College of Acupuncture; former president, Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; former commissioner, NCCAOM; author, Acupuncture Physical Medicine; private practitioner in New York City

Dr. Liu has opened a doorway to a dimension of acupuncture experience that few Western practitioners have had the opportunity to explore: the art of needle manipulation. This DVD is a powerful self-training tool that provides demonstrations of numerous techniques, both classical and modern, from the simplest to the most complex, all vividly demonstrated by a master practitioner.

John E. Pirog, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.

Author of Practical Application of Meridian Style Acupuncture

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To Purchase this DVD, please click below to visit our PayPal store:

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