Janel S.

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Wei is by far the most talented and most experienced acupuncturist in town. I am an acupuncturist as well and do not trust anyone besides him to give me the same level of care and results. Acupuncture is an incredibly profound medicine, but in the wrong hands you may only receive mediocre results and end up wasting your time and money. The opposite is true with Wei. His style stems from a lineage tradition and he uses techniques that are so unique here in the U.S. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else, and this is why hundreds of students pack his seminars when he teaches here and around the country. Legitimately, stop searching and go see Wei, you will be so thankful that you did.

Thomas S.

I first went to Wei Lui 10 years ago when nothing else helped me recover from a terrible car crash. Wei not only helped me recover but has also improved my overall health. I am 51 and feel better then I did at 35. Wei is truly a master at his craft.

Paul R.

I Have seen Dr Lu for years. He has helped me avoid back surgeries and many other ailments. I have seen other Acupuncturists, Dr Lu is by far the best I have ever seen. I have made many referrals and all have had positive experiences. I look forward to my appointments! They keep my body and mind healthy.

Deb G.

Wei is exceptional and authentic professional. I’ve been seeing him off and on for over ten years. He always knows how to cure what ails me. He actually teaches and trains other professionals in the art of Acu puncture and tuina massage. he helps you be in tune with your body to understand how to be healthier too. I highly recommend Eastwind.

Laura N.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Liu for 11 years. He is a gifted doctor and I am so grateful for his treatments. His treatments have always been successful for me, especially when traditional Western medicine has failed. I was in a terrible car accident with a horrible, debilitating concussion. His treatments were the only thing that relieved my symptoms and cured my injuries. Every time he has treated me, I am amazed by his ability to precisely diagnosis the problem and heal my body. I have recommended him to all of my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Liu!

Michelle K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wei Liu’s for nearly eleven years. He is a tremendously gifted and skilled healer. I have been treated by him for a wide range of health challenges ranging from simple to complex, from a common cold to referred pain from severe cervical spine disc degeneration. He is straightforward and compassionate. He takes time and care with his patients; he cares deeply about patient outcomes. Over the years, I have referred dozens of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to Dr. Liu. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Adrienne S.

Dr. Wei Liu is wonderful. I have been seeing Dr. Liu for 8 years for issues with my spine, chronic pain and neuropathy. I have improved greatly since seeing him, and he has helped me through pain that medication simply cannot. He is my saving grace. He is very attentive, has a calming demeanor and his techniques in acupuncture and tuina (Chinese medical massage) are simply the best. I highly recommend him to anyone.

John S.

There isn’t any way that I could overstate my enthusiasm, respect, and admiration for what Dr Wei Luí has achieved in terms of assisting me in dealing with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that I have dealt with during the past ten years. I have repeatedly arrived at Wei’s office in a wide variety of physical, and at times emotional pain. Not once have I ever left that office without that pain being significantly reduced, if not totally eliminated. I consider it a tremendous gift to have Dr Wei Luí’s knowledge on my side in life’s journey! My recommendation of Wei as an acupuncturist and Tuina practitioner is without reservation of any sort. He’s the best…period.

Amy p.

I have been going to Eastwind Acupuncture every month for over a decade. Dr. Liu is professional, clean, polite, and most of all a health genius. He has helped me from my back problems to sinus infections. I highly recommend him for all of your acupuncture needs.

Kreea A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wei Liu for over 13 years. Dr. Wei Liu has helped me with my health in whole body well being. He is able to target my imbalances with just looking at me and by taking my pulse. He has been able to heal and prevent my injuries emotional and physical where western medicine has failed. In my experience Dr. Wei Liu is the most authentic, experienced, helpful, trust worthy, positive result acupuncturist in the Twin Cities and we are so very lucky to have him practicing in Minneapolis. I highly recommend Dr. Wei Liu as part of a lifestyle health choice in healing and prevention.