Leo Kottke Guitarist

I developed tendinitis in my right arm in the 80’s and spent three very long years changing my technique, stiffing like road kill, and sounding like crap. (I’m a guitar player.) When the tendinitis returned six years ago, in both arms this time, Wei eliminated it in three visits of only a few minutes each. In the first visit, half the pain and debility vanished on the spot. The next two visits were basically follow-up. I’ve recommended Wei Liu to every musician I know. It’s tempting to call Wei Liu’s skills magic, but they are science. You will see and feel the methodologies. The relief is— truly— magical.

william lundberg

I have been treated by Dr. Liu for over ten years for a variety of issues. He is an amazing acupuncturist and person. He is kind, compassionate, and a good listener. No matter what issues I have had, he has helped me every time. Dr. Liu is a healer, and a positive force. I highly recommend his treatments!

ROMI Apothecary

I’ve been going to see Dr. Liu for the past 5 years and recommend him to anyone I know seeking acupuncture- especially to treat musculoskeletal issues. However, I know for a fact that he is also successful in treating anxiety and providing fertility support. Dr. Liu is from Tianjin, China and comes from a family lineage of Chinese doctors. His knowledge base and skill is unparalleled in the Twin Cities. In fact, if you go see another L.A.c here, they were likely a student of Dr. Liu because he taught at the biggest TCM program in MN!

Dr. Liu has helped me resolved numerous back, knee, and shoulder issues over the years. I appreciate that he is succinct, direct, and does not try to “oversell” me on multiple appointments. Typically I see him 1-2 times and feel great afterwards.

Thank you Dr. Liu for helping me to regain health and comfort from pain! I am deeply appreciative of your care and expertise!

Jill Erb

Dr Liu is nothing short of amazing. I first met him nearly 20 years ago. I had a severely pinched nerve in my neck due to degenerative disk disease. The pain was excruciating and constant. The surgeon wanted to fuse vertebrae claiming it was the only cure but not guaranteed to work. That’s when I met Dr Liu. He told me that my condition was very difficult to treat much less cure. Over the next months I had several intense treatments combined with Tuina massage my pain diminished and eventually went away. I had my life back thanks to his expertise. Over the years I have referred many people to Dr Liu for many different reasons ranging from chronic back and neck pain to hot flashes and motion sickness and all have benefitted from it. Thank you for your healing ways.

Adrienne Sharma

Dr. Wei Liu is wonderful. I have been seeing Dr. Liu for 8 years for issues with my spine, chronic pain and neuropathy. I have improved greatly since seeing him, and he has helped me through pain that medication simply cannot. He is my saving grace. He is very attentive, has a calming demeanor and his techniques in acupuncture and tuina (Chinese medical massage) are simply the best. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Eling Garrett

Dr. Liu is the most talented TCM practioner I have worked with. When physical therapy was not enough to relieve my knee and back pain- Dr. Liu to the rescue! In one acupunture session I felt relief. Within a few weeks I felt like a new person! I now choose see Dr. Liu at least monthly for a session. Why? His treatments help me with stress relief, sleep and anything else that pops up. For years I’ve struggled with insomnia and between his acupuncture treatments and simple interventions like nightly feet soaks- my sleep is better than ever. Go see Dr. Liu. He is kind, talented and will likely help you where western medicine cannot!

Ruth Tongen

Dr. Liu is such a highly skilled practitioner whom I have a world of respect for. He has (literally) a lifetime of knowledge that translates into great results. In my case, I would call him a life-changer. He has solved so many medical mysteries, helped me live a quality life, and has also relieved back and neck pain for me along the way, when no one else could. He has a kind approach while being straightforward. He will tell you what he can fix and what he can’t. I have considered it one of my great fortunes to have him as my acupuncturist.

Gary Harker

Dr. Wei Liu is amazing. I was recommended to him by a friend years ago when I had pulled my Achilles golfing. I limped into his office and walked out with no limp and pain free. (This was after working with a medical Dr who put me in a boot for 6 weeks with no success). My friend told me about Dr. Liu and his acupuncture. I called made an appointment and as I said walked out of his office pain free and NO limp. This is the gospel truth!!! Since then I have used him and his knowledge and skill to get me completely off my meds for my Crohn’s disease. This man is so skilled and knowledgeable that it puts the medical profession to shame. I don’t know any other way but to say give him an opportunity to work with you and you too, will be amazed. Dr. Liu teaches acupuncturists all OVER the world, that’s how good he is! He is a friendly caring human being with unbelievable knowledge and skill. Gary R Harker. MN

Michelle Keeley

I have been a patient of Dr. Wei Liu’s for nearly eleven years. He is a tremendously gifted and skilled healer. I have been treated by him for a wide range of health challenges ranging from simple to complex, from a common cold to referred pain from severe cervical spine disc degeneration. He is straightforward and compassionate. He takes time and care with his patients; he cares deeply about patient outcomes. Over the years, I have referred dozens of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to Dr. Liu. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Mina Zamani

I’m incredibly fortunate to have found Dr Liu. Upon meeting him, his kind and calm demeanor allowed me to relax. During my sessions, I recognized his great skill, precision and intuition. He has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors and is an authority in the field; he travels nationwide to lecture students. I flew out from California to have him treat me and it was absolutely worth it! I look forward to my next session with him. Thank you, Dr Liu!

Tilly Tilley

I give Dr. Wei Liu an enthusiastic recommendation! After 6 weeks of miserable sinus symptoms that an antibiotic didn’t touch I went to Dr. Liu. The Chinese medicine/herbs he gave me combined with acupuncture resolved the worst of my symptoms in two days! I was so relieved. I continued acupuncure for a few weeks and each week felt improvement. And his approach is very gentle and kind. Much appreciated. Go for it!

Yan Zhang

Dr. Liu has been our rescue to-go resource for my family for years. No matter it is acute back/leg/arm injury, chronic sleep problem, side effects from virus infection, etc., we can always get timely and honest diagnosis from Dr. Liu. The treatment he gave has always been effective and we felt the huge difference right after a 30mins-60mins treatment session. Appointments, bookings and follow up sessions are well managed as well!

Jeff Hall

I injured my upper back and neck resulting in excruciating pain in my upper back, neck and arm. Traditional treatment- orthopedic surgeon did an injection, physical therapy and medication did not provide any relief. A friend recommended Dr. Liu. After a few visits I began to have relief and after a few more visits which were primarily acupuncture but also occasionally other techniques I am pain free! The results are amazing. Dr. Liu is amazing.

Lynn TheScientist

I have been Dr. Liu’s patient for 15 years. I have a science background, and I trust and rely on both Western medical care and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I can attest that Dr. Liu is among the best doctors of any tradition I have known. His skills in diagnosis and treatment as well as bedside professional manner are excellent. I have had some medical issues where my treatment by Dr. Liu has proven more effective than Western medical care. These include getting pregnant, restless leg syndrome, migraine headaches, and knee strain. I urge people not to be deterred by the idea of acupuncture needles, as the treatments are painless. I feel very lucky to be his patient and hope that his students can learn as much as possible so that his knowledge can be passed to future practitioners of TCM.

Kreea Ashton

I have been a patient of Dr. Wei Liu for over 13 years.
Dr. Wei Liu has helped me with my health in whole body well being. He is able to target my imbalances with just looking at me and by taking my pulse. He has been able to heal and prevent my injuries emotional and physical where western medicine has failed. In my experience Dr. Wei Liu is the most authentic, experienced, helpful, trust worthy, positive result acupuncturist in the Twin Cities and we are so very lucky to have him practicing in Minneapolis.
I highly recommend Dr. Wei Liu as part of a lifestyle health choice in healing and prevention.

Jolie Hockert

I have been seeing Dr. Wei Liu for ~18 years and he is amazing. He is so talented at what he does. He has helped me with a wide variety of ailments throughout the last two decades. I feel so lucky to have met Wei almost 20 years ago. He has been a great part of my overall health and well being and I feel grateful he is practicing acupuncture and tui na in the Minneapolis area. I highly recommend him!


Wei is by far the most talented and most experienced acupuncturist in town. I am an acupuncturist as well and do not trust anyone besides him to give me the same level of care and results.

Acupuncture is an incredibly profound medicine, but in the wrong hands you may only receive mediocre results and end up wasting your time and money. The opposite is true with Wei. His style stems from a lineage tradition and he uses techniques that are so unique here in the U.S. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else, and this is why hundreds of students pack his seminars when he teaches here and around the country. Legitimately, stop searching and go see Wei, you will be so thankful that you did.

John Sagner

There isn’t any way that I could overstate my enthusiasm, respect, and admiration for what Dr Wei Luí has achieved in terms of assisting me in dealing with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that I have dealt with during the past ten years.
I have repeatedly arrived at Wei’s office in a wide variety of physical, and at times emotional pain. Not once have I ever left that office without that pain being significantly reduced, if not totally eliminated.
I consider it a tremendous gift to have Dr Wei Luí’s knowledge on my side in life’s journey!
My recommendation of Wei as an acupuncturist and Tuina practitioner is without reservation of any sort.
He’s the best…period.